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Bellevue Road 

When we were called for an initial consultation for this semidetached Victorian property located in the Grove Crescent Conservation Area in Kingston, we found a very tired, outdated, and dark house that had not been touched in years.  None of the existing spaces worked in terms of flow, proportion, or light.  There was a dark loft space with a staircase that had no headroom whatsoever.


After a few initial ideas we were hired to develop a ground floor extension, loft conversion, and space planning for all three floors.

These were delightful spaces to design, tailored for a very young family. The end result celebrates a blend of traditional style with a modern taste in bright, comfortable, and airy spaces. 


The open plan area features a central courtyard that integrates inside and out, creating open, bright and well-defined spaces.


Ground floor extension, loft conversion and space planning for all three floors.


Bellevue Road -Kingston upon Thames.

Grove Crescent Conservation Area.


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